Saturday, June 6, 2015

Marathon: 6:00 AM
Half Marathon: 7:00 AM
10K: 7:00 AM
5K: 7:30 AM

So if you think splatting some mud on your face or jumping over a 2 foot wide fire makes you look tough, you need to do the Bruneau Beast for the race pictures. They are epic. And there is no creative photography required, it is simply one of the very cool spots on the planet to have a race picture.

Bruneau Beast is the world’s toughest short and mid distance Run / Walk. Come experience a race like no other.

Bruneau Beast is the toughest MARATHON, 1/2 marathon, and 10k on the planet!! To be fair we know of a 5k that probably makes us only the 2nd toughest 5k on the planet.

SwagAll participants will get a Bruneau Beast hat. All finishers will get a killer medal.

TimingChip timing will be provided and results will be posted as soon as possible after the race.

WalkersWalkers are welcome at all Final Kick Events. There are not separate categories at this race, plus everyone is going to be walking quite a bit.

Shoes and Sand: Unless you pull a Tony, you’re going to get sand in your shoes. Don’t wear your brand new $150 road shoes, you’ll be cursing us for months. Some people stop and empty their shoes a time or two, some just go with it, some try different variations of sandals or vibrams. Feel free to be creative or just expect the sand to be a new challenge.

How tough is it: You aren’t going to PR. Seriously. Not even close. Unless you pick a distance you’ve never done before. Otherwise forget setting a PR. If you are from around Boise and want a comparison, Robie’s winner in 2014 did that in 1:17…our 2014 half winner finished in 2:13. Now don’t get all chicken on us, just don’t show up and be like “Oh I can’t believe how tough that really was.”

Awards: Overall prizes for top 3 of both male and female for the marathon, half, 10k, & 5k distances. All finishers will receive a sweet medal.

Pictures: All Final Kick Events are photographed for free by volunteer photographers and uploaded to our Facebook page and to our Final Kick Events photo album and are free to use however you would like.